Biome Changer Remote


The Biome Changer Remote is used to interface with the Biome Changer Satellite.

To use the Biome Changer Remote it must first be linked to a Biome Changing Satellite and the Satellite must be in orbit around the planet the Biome Changer Remote is to be used on.

To construct a Biome Changer Satellite, the Biome Changer Remote must be in the ID Chip slot during the construction of a satellite in the Satellite Assembling Machine.

Like the satellite Id chips, the Biome Changer Remote can have its satellite link copied to another Biome Changer Remote in the Satellite Assembling Machine.

When multiple Biome Changer Remotes are linked to the same satellite, both the biome discoveries and the power pool are shared.

When first constructed the Biome Changer Remote has no biomes stored in memory. Biomes may be added to the satellite's memory a player must visit the biome he/she wants to add and shift right-click on the Biome Changer Remote and click "Scan Biome".

In order to select the target biome, a player must open the interface by shift right-clicking and clicking on a biome from the list. Then stand where you want to change the biome and right click the remote to transform a 20x20 area centered on the player.

Note: The satellite itself requires power storage and a power supply, the satellite will pull up to 100RF/t at 10RF per block.