Advanced Rocketry adds a plethora of alien biomes to decorate your planets with for when the Vanilla Biomes won\'t cut it. Their IDs can be changed in the advRocketry/advancedRocketry.cfg file in versions before Minecraft 1.12.2.

Alien Forest

The Alien Forest is the first fictional biome Advanced Rocketry has. It resembles a forest with blue grass and blue trees growing leaves that emit some light.

Crystal Chasms

The Crystal Chasms biome has a biome temperature of 0.1, and is accordingly covered in a layer of snow on top of a layer of ice. In this biome, large crystals of multiple colors can generate. There is currently no use for these crystal blocks, however.

Deep Swamp

The Deep Swamp looks similar enough to an Earth-like biome, with a temperature of 0.9. However, strange trees grow here with roots that can dig deep into the soil. WARNING: As of the latest version, these large trees are not very stable. Their leaves will decay after being generated, which may cause excessive block updates.

Hot Dry Rock

The Hot Dry Rock biome is meant to resemble the surface of a rocky, barren planet similar to Mars or Venus. The surface is covered in Oxidized Ferric Sand, but is otherwise featureless. It has a biome temperature of 0.9 similar to Mushroom Islands.


The Marsh is a strange biome with deep pits filled with water. Other than that, the only useful thing the biome has to give are lilypads.


The Moon biome is meant to resemble something closer to the surface of an atmosphere-less, grey planet similar to Earth\'s Moon, Mercury or a Dwarf Planet. It is not that different from the Hot Dry Rock biome, but it is covered in Moon Dust and has a biome temperature of 0.3.

Ocean Spires

The Ocean Spires biome is similar to the Marsh, except the bits of land get taller at the top, and they stick up above the water level quite a bit.


This is the biome that space station dimensions are filled with. Besides a hot biome temperature of 1.0, it\'s not very interesting.


The Stormland is a biome covered in burnt out trees made of Charcoal Logs. The grass here is colored black, and the biome seems to resemble a forest that was burnt down at some point. It has a biome temperature of 0.9.


The Volcanic biome a desolate wasteland of tall Basalt mountains, found only on the hottest of planets. It is a barren and inhospitable biome with volcanoes and normally, lava oceans. The singular resource it offers is enriched lava.

Volcanic Barren

The Volcanic Barren biome is similar to the Volcanic, except the biome is much flatter and has fewer volcanoes. It still has lava oceans, and because of its lower height, can have a larger percentage of its area covered in lava.