ID Chips


ID chips, in general are used to link things together or identify things.

  • Satellite ID chips are linked to launched satellites for monitoring in the Satellite Terminal. They are programmed in the Satellite Assembling Machine.
  • Asteroid ID chips are programmed and filled in the Astrobody data processor. Asteroid chips are primarily used in Asteroid mining missions.
  • Planet ID chips are put into a rocket's guidance computer to keep track of the rocket's destination planet. This chip can be programmed in a rocket by putting the chip into a guidance computer and clicking the "Select DST" button in the rocket's UI and selecting the planet from the resultant interface.
  • Space Station ID chips are used to set a rocket's destination to a space station (or if on a space station the planet the station is orbiting). Space Station ID chips are also used in the station builder for building station modules.
  • Space Elevator ID chips are used in the Space Elevator to store coordinates of other space elevators that have been programmed in with a linker.