Getting Started with Advanced Rocketry

Step 1: Gathering Resources

Your journey upwards to the stars begins by digging deep into the earth. You will need a large pile of iron, copper and rutile. Rutile will be processed later into titanium, which is a common material for advanced machines. You will also need a fair bit of gold, redstone, diamonds and lime dye. From the Nether, you'll need some glowstone, magma cream and blaze rods or an alternative source of blaze powder.

Step 2: Craft a Holo-Projector and a Small Plate Presser

The holo-projector aids you in building the various multi-block machines in the mod. Shift-right clicking with the holo-projector allows you to select a machine to build. Once you have selected one, hover over the holo-projector in your inventory to see a list of materials needed to build it. It requires gold plates and iron plates to craft. The easiest way to get these plates is by using the Small Plate Presser until you can make more efficient machines. .

Steps 3, 4 and 5 can be done in any order depending on availability of resources and other mod additions. Step 4 is optional depending on other mod additions.

Step 3: Build an Electric Arc Furnace

Steel and silicon are two heavily used resources produced by the EAF. The EAF is the only machine in the mod capable of creating these resources, and should be your first machine if you have no other way to produce these. Silicon is relatively cheap but takes 10 minutes to produce while steel takes more power but only take 5 minutes to produce 1 steel ingot. An EAF producing only silicon can run on 1 RF/t. It is recommended to build multiple EAF's and upgrade them as soon as possible to increase their processing speed. Click the link above to find out more information.

Step 4: Build the Lathe and Rolling Machine

Rods and plates are essentially to building most of the structures and machines. The lathe provides a more efficient method to produce rods and the rolling machine produces plates.

Step 5: Build the Crystallizer, Cutting Machine and Precision Assembler

Next to rods and plates, you will need a ton of circuits. The silicon ingots from the EAF get turned to silicon boule in the crystallizer, then the boule is sent to the cutting machine and cut into wafers. The wafers are processed in the precision assembler into circuit plates, which can be cut into basic circuits. This process can be automated with the help of item transport devices from other mods.