Extended Advanced Rocketry Planet Configuration


This is the secondary, extended part of planet configuration with Advanced Rocketry. It discusses the configuration that can be done with Advanced Rocketry in conjunction with other mods and what they can do to enhance the player\'s experience of your planets

Other Biome Mods

Adding on the the previous discussion on biomes, other biome mods or mods that add at least a few biomes can greatly enhance the look and feel of a planet by providing more planetary diversity than Vanilla has, and by providing more suitable biomes for specific planet types than are providable by Vanilla. OTG biomes WILL NOT work with Advanced Rocketry, but Biomes O' Plenty, Traverse, Project: Vibrant Journeys, and others, will all work and provide biomes such as glaciers and different deserts for more desolate Earth-like planets. While interesting planets are possible without these mods, they're generally more bland than if you have at least of of them included.

Other World Generation Mods

Many other mods add some sort of worldgen, be it allowing ores to be large, realistic clusters, structures, or something similar. As long as you know what dimensions your planets will be, which you can control, you can add any or all of these structures to your planets to add some variety to planets. Mods like Recurrent Complex and similar also allow you to add your own structures, allowing you to add things like possible alien colonies and/or abandoned mining rigs. Same as biomes other than Vanilla biomes, extra structures or similar worldgen options can spruce up planets to make them more cohesive and interesting to explore. While this is in no way required, it\'s always a nice thing to see.

Other Mobs

Mobs are one of the few interactive parts of Minecraft, and so a tasteful addition of mobs to specific biomes or planets can bring a pack's planets a long way from boring lifeless husks. When adding mobs, remember that players will probably be wearing space suits with relatively low protection, but that they can add airtight seal to their armor to gain boosted protection. Adding a profusion of Ice and Fire dragons to a planet with a super high pressure atmosphere is probably not the way to go, but could be fine on a planet with atmosphere that doesn\'t need a space suit. Lycanite's Mobs are mods that also provide a challenge, but even mods as simple as Eerie Mobs with some configs can go a long way. Advanced Rocketry does provide mob spawning rules for you to use, but InControl! may be a mod you want to check out if you want more control.

CoFH World

CoFH World is one of the most versatile world generation mods out there, with a truly astounding array of options and that allows sequential generation, making it possible to recreate BuildCraft oil spouts without BuildCraft or to make trees out of ice on a flash-frozen planet. It also allows every Vanilla generation type and some custom ones like large clusters and stalactites and stalagmites, making it incredibly useful for designing custom generation features on other planets and a must if anything seriously custom needs to be done.

CoFH World Wiki


BiomeTweaker is pretty much the end-all be-all for configuration here. It can create new biomes, change and/or completely replace blocks that are in already-generated biomes, add and remove features that generate in biomes, change biome names, and more. As a companion to Advanced Rocketry generation options, you can change biomes between types and have specific blocks on specific planets, if you\'re willing to learn the syntax, which is fairly simple. As with CoFH World, what you control here is only up to you, you can do almost anything if you put your mind to it.

BiomeTweaker Wiki