Rocket Assembling Machine


The Rocket Assembling Machine is a block that takes power in the form of RF to either scan or build a rocket on a multiblock launch pad structure.


Once the structure is properly built then right clicking the Rocket Assembling Machine will open an interface. The interface has four key areas:
  1. The rocket statistic panel
  2. the status panel
  3. the user input panel (my fancy way of saying two buttons)
  4. the machine status panel.

The Rocket statistic panel contains four readouts:

The Scan button will command the Rocket Assembling Machine to start scanning the rocket built on the launch pad but will NOT assemble the rocket. This is useful when testing to see if a design is capable of reaching orbit.

The Build function performs the same function as the scan function, but if the rocket is capable of reaching orbit then the blocks on the launch pad will be assembled into a completed rocket.

The status panel displays error messages from the Rocket Assembling Machine. The messages are be self-explainatory.

The machine status panel contains two bars, the progress bar, which is marked with a hammer, displays the machine's progress with either the scan or build function. The bar marked with the battery icon displays the amount of power stored in the assembling machine.


    The base of the construction pads is made from Launch Pad Blocks. It can be any size between 3x3 and 16x16. The base does not have be a square, rectangular shapes work too. The height of the structure is defined by the Structure Tower Blocks and can be anywhere between 4 and 64 blocks tall. If multiple structure towers exist in the structure, then the height of the tallest tower is used. The base of the tower must be at the same level as the rocket pad. The base of the tower also has to be touching the pad on one of the four faces and cannot be placed diagonally.

    The Rocket Assembling machine must be one block above the pad with the back of the machine facing the pad for the Strcuture to form. Larger construction pads require more time to scan and build the rocket!

Left: Completed Structure
Right: Cross Section