Oxygen Vent


The Oxygen Vent can be placed in an area that is sealed and when running, will fill the area with air. If the seal is broken then the air will immediately escape out to the environment.

All sides of the Oxygen Vent must be either facing a sealed area, or against a solid block in order to properly function.

To run, the Oxygen Vent requires a source of power, a source of Oxygen, and a redstone signal. The need for Oxygen can be eliminated by placing CO2 Scrubbers with a Carbon Collection Cartridge on at least two sides of the Oxygen Vent.

The amount of Oxygen can also be reduced by using only one CO2 Scrubber(Though I'm not sure why you'd not just make two). The use of the carbon scrubbers increases power consumption of the Oxygen Vent, and the Carbon Cartridge needs to be changed periodically (once every 24 hours of constant use if the server isn't lagging).

By default, the Oxygen Vent can only fill a square radius of 32 blocks. However if the atmosphereCalculationMethod is set to use volume based calculations, the Oxygen Vent can fill up to 32,768 cubic blocks.