Rockets are the primary means of transportation between planets. Rockets can be built out of any block in the game.

In order to fly however a rocket must have engines. Engines provide thrust and consume fuel. Every block you put on your rocket has a mass and more mass requires more engines to provide enough thrust to escape the planet's gravity well.

The engines require some amount of fuel to run, fuel can be carried in fuel tanks built on the rocket.

A successful build requires a balance between mass, thrust, and fuel carrying capability. Rockets can be verified and built in the rocket assembling machine.


The interface on a rocket is fairly simple to navigate, the player's inventory is in the bottom left and accessible blocks built onto the rocket are in the top left. Most inventories, such as chests and furnaces, built into the rocket can be accessed via this panel by clicking on the icon of the block.

The fuel bar on the top right displays the amount of fuel currently in the rocket. If the rocket has a guidance computer with a planet ID chip inside, the select Dst button will bring up a screen of the local planet system and allow selection of the destination planet. The "Dissassemble" button will convert the rocket back into blocks, but careful, you need a rocket assembling machine to reassemble the rocket again!


There are three major uses for rockets in Advanced Rocketry: Player Transport, Cargo Transport, and Satellite/Space Station launches.

Player Transport

Players can ride rockets to different planets and rockets are the only way to get to orbiting space stations. To be able to ride a rocket, the rocket must have a guidance computer with some destination programmed into it with a chip and a seat. Once assembled and fueled, a player can right click on the rocket to ride it and press space to take off.

Cargo Transport

Rockets can also be used to transport cargo between bodies in a planet moon system. To be used for cargo, a rocket must be have some number of chests or fluid tanks and a guidance computer. A static shipping route can be set up by linking two landing pads together with linkers.

Payload Launch

Rockets can also be used to send payloads to space. Rockets are the only way to launch satellites and space station modules which can be built by the Station Builder). To launch a space station module or satellite the rocket requires only a satellite bay containing the payload. Multiple payloads can be launched on a single rocket.


There are various different infrastructures that can interact with rockets to perform a vareity of useful tasks. infrastructure can be connected directly to a rocket, rocket assembling machine, unmanned vehicle assembler, or a landing pad using the linker.

  • Loaders and unloaders can be used to load and unload items and fluids from a stationary rocket.
  • Fueling stations are used to fuel rockets without having to manually bucket fuel in.
  • Monitoring Stations can be used to launch a rocket as well as monitor its progress in flight or on a mission.
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