Guide: Getting to Space


Basic Flowchart for progression, click to expand

Obtaining Basic Materials

Plates are one of the most basic materials you will need for progression in Advanced Rocketry. Plates are required to build machines and various components for the mod.

Early game plates can be made via the Small Plate Presser. The small plate presser can press a block of metal into 3 plates of the same type of metal.

Rods are another important ingredient in many Advanced Rocketry recipes. Rods can be crafted in the crafting bench like in the image to the upper left of the page.

Making Steel and Titanium

Steel is another important ingredient in Advanced Rocketry recipes and must be made in the Electric Arc Furnance supplied with power in the plugs and an iron ingot and coal in the input hatch(s).

It is recommended you start early with this step as it takes a long time to make steel!

Titanium is another material that can be made using the Electric Arc Furnace and will be required later.

Building basic Infrastructure

In order to build the remaining components required for space travel certain processing machines are required. The blueprints for these machines can be found in the Holoprojector.

These machine do not have to be built in any particular order however you will need at least one of each of the following:

  • Lathe
  • Crystallizer
  • Cutting machine
  • Precision Assembler
  • Space Suit Construction
With these machines you will be able to manufacture basic circuits by constructing the recipe found in an in-game recipe book such as NEI or JEI.

Fuel infrastructure

Now that you've got all the infrastructure required to build the rocket, you need to make sure you can fuel it.

In order to create fuel you must build both an Electrolyser and Chemical Reactor. The Electrolyser must then be filled with water via the liquid input hatch and powered and turned on via the GUI. The Electrolyser will then begin to convert the water to Oxygen and Hydrogen.

The Oxygen and hydrogen must be pumped from the liquid output hatches on the Electrolyser and transported to the liquid input hatches in the Chemical Reactor. Please note that some Oxygen will be required to fill your spacesuit in the next step.

Spacesuit Construction

In order to be able to survive in space a protective spacesuit must be worn on any planet without an atmosphere. The recipe for the spacesuit itself seen in an in-game recipe viewer such as NEI or JEI.

Once you have completed your spacesuit, you can add oxygen to it by standing on a Gas Charge Pad filled with oxygen. The space suit has enough oxygen to last 30 minutes in a vacuum. Once the suit is out of oxygen you will begin to take damage.

Putting it all Together

Now that you've got all the infrastructure and protective equipment constructed, it is now time to put everything together and build your rocket.

Using an in-game recipe viewer like JEI or NEI, you must construct the following:

Once the above materials are aquired, you must build the Rocket Assembling Machine as shown here.

Once the Rocket Assembling Machine is constructed, you must build a rocket on the launch pad. The rocket has no strict structure and can be built with creative freedom as long as thrust and size requirements are met. The requirements are detailed at the bottom of the page here.

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Guide: Getting to Space