Advanced Rocketry Recipe Configuration

Welcome to the Advanced Rocketry(AR) advanced recipe configuration readme!
This document will guide you through manually adding recipes to AR's various machines.
Each machine will generate a "MACHINENAME.xml" in the config/advancedRocketry folder with an empty set of "Recipes" tags.

Explaination of usable tags:

The "Recipe" tag surrounds each recipe entry, this tag contains the "timeRequired" and "power" attributes, which determines the amount of time in ticks and the power consumption in RF/t respectivly.

Each recipe node must contain an input and output node.

Each input node and output node must contain at least one of the following:

  • "itemStack" node: '"namespace:unlocallized_name OR blockid/itemid" size meta' where size and meta are optional
  • "oreDict" node: '"oreDictionaryName" size' where size (the stack size) is optional
  • "fluidStack" node: '"fluidName" size' where size (the number of millibuckets) is optional

Example (2 spruce logs and five iron ore makes 1 gold ore)

--- ./config/advancedRocketry/CuttingMachine.xml ---
    <Recipe timeRequired="10" power="50">
            <itemStack>minecraft:log 2 1</itemStack>
            <oreDict>oreIron 5</oreDict>

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Advanced Rocketry Recipe configuration