Satellite Assembling Machine


    The Satellite Assembling Machine build constructs Satellites from components documented here.

Note: In order to build the Satellite Assembling Machine it must be placed on top of an input plug.


The Main Component slot is where the main Component of a Satellite goes and determines the type of Satellite to be built.

The Component slot is where the different components for the satellite goes and determines aspects like energy and data storage capacities.

The ID chip slot is where a satellite ID chip must be placed in order to program it with the satellite's ID number so it can be used once placed in orbit.

The if a blank satellite, planet id, or station ID chip is placed in the copy slot and a non-blank chip of the same kind is placed in the ID chip slot, a copy can be made by pressing the green copy button on the far right of the GUI.

The output slot is where either the finished satellite or the copied chip is stored.

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Satellite Assembling Machine

Hardness: 3
Blast Resistance: 0
Requires Tool: Yes
Full Block: yes
Sealable: Yes
Tile Entity: Yes
Structure Size: 1x2x1