Microwave Reciever


Generates power beamed down from Solar satellites placed in orbit.

To connect a satellite to the Microwave Reciever the satellite chip must be placed in one of the item input hatches built into the structure. This allows the satellite to track where to send the energy.

The amount of power generated per tick is directly related to the power generated by linked satellites.

These satellites must be in orbit around the same planet that the Microwave Reciever is built on otherwise the satellites will be unable to transmit power.

Even if the Microwave Reciever is turned off or not connected to a satellite, the satellites in orbit will continue to generate power which can be stored on a satellite's internal buffer.

The reciever itself can be toggled on and off using the GUI in the Microwave Reciever control block

Because of the efficiency of the satellites placed in geosynchronous orbit and their constant view of the sun, the Microwave Receiver can generate a large amount of power, appropriate for the amount of glowstone, redstone, and gold invested into the multiblock and it's satellites. It is recommended to have as many input hatches on the multiblock as can fit, so the maximum amount of satellites can be connected to one multiblock reciever.

Power generated is stored to the Output Plugs built into the structure.

Warning: Entities, items, and blocks that happen to be above the Microwave Reciever while in operation will be incinerated!!!


The Microwave Reciever is a one block thick multiblock structure where the red blocks in the image to the left can be made of either Output Plug, Solar Panel, or Item Input Hatches.

The yellow block in the center is where the Microwave Reciever block is placed in the structure. The remainder of the structure is solar panels.

Right clicking the Microwave Reciver block should form the multiblock if all the other blocks are in place.

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Microwave Reciever

Hardness: 3
Blast Resistance: 0
Requires Tool: YES
Full Block: YES
Sealable: YES
Tile Entity: YES
Multiblock: YES

Structure Size:
Power Generation: