Hatches and Loaders


    Hatches are a way of inputting and outputting items, liquid, energy, and data from rockets and machines.

There are three main different types of hatches: Fluid, Item, and Energy.

Fluid hatches, when built into a machine provides the capacity for the machine to accept fluids, this is nessessary for some recpies

Item Hatches are used to provide a way of getting items into and out of a machine. Most will move an itemstack over if there is room if the output stack cannot fit in the last slot.

Energy Hatches are used to accept or output energy from a machine.

Rocket Loaders/Unloaders

    Both the fluid and item hatched have a rocket loader/unloader varient, which is used to load/unload fluids and items from the rocket

The hatches can be linked directly to a rocket, a rocket assembler, or Docking Pad using a Linking tool.

When linked to a Docking Pad or rocket assembler, any rocket that lands on the Docking Pad or on the landing pad will automatically be linked to the hatches.

Interfacing with redstone

When connected to a rocket, hatches will output redstone signals under various circumstances:

  • A rocket item loader will output a redstone signal when no more items can be loaded into the rocket
  • A rocket fluid loader will output a redstone signal when the tanks on the rocket are completely full
  • A rocket item unloader will output a redstone signal when there are no more items left in the rocket
  • A rocket fluid unloader will output a redstone signal when there is no more fluid left in the rocket
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Hatches and Loaders

Hardness: 3
Blast Resistance: 0
Requires Tool: Yes
Full Block: Yes
Sealable: Yes
Tile Entity: Yes
Teir 1

Number of slots: 4