Electric Arc Furnace


The Electric Arc Furnace is a multiblock machine that uses electricity to raise the internal temperatures to extreme levels in order to melt and smelt most materials.

In Advanced Rocketry the Electric Arc Furnace is primarily used to smelt steel, titanium, silicon, and a few other alloys. The structure itself can have multiple inputs and outputs allowing for easier automation.

The blast furnace is initially fairly slow, but using more advanced coils can increase the speed at which it operates.

Below is a table containing the coil types and speed boosts:

Coil Type Speed multiplier
Gold 111%
Aluminum 125%
Titanium 133%
Iridium 200%

Note: the modifier is multiplicative, so if an arc furnace had 3 Iridium coils the actual speed boost would be (200%/100)*(200%/100)*(200%/100)*100=800%

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Electric Arc Furnace

Hardness: 2
Blast Resistance: 0
Requires Tool: Yes
Full Block: Yes
Sealable: Yes
Tile Entity: Yes