Coils are used in the construction of multiblock machines throughout the mod. Coils also come in several teirs, higher teir coils being more powerful, but more expensive to make.

The primary usage of coils is in the Electric Arc Furnace. Using higher teir coils in some machines can decrease the amount of time required for a recipe. Like the motors, the speed increases stack multiplicitivly.

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Hardness: 3
Blast Resistance: 0
Requires Tool: Yes
Full Block: Yes
Sealable: Yes
Tile Entity: No
Other Coils

Speed Multiplier: 1x
Gold Coil

Speed Multiplier: 1.11x
Aluminum Coil

Speed Multiplier: 1.25x
Titanium Coil

Speed Multiplier: 1.33x
Iridium Coil

Speed Multiplier: 2x