Energy Cable

     The energy cable provides a way to connect energy generators to energy consuming devices.

The energy cable will automatically draw up to 1000 power per second from and Forge power compatible blocks and transfer the power to any Forge Compatible reciever block.

Note: the 1.7.10 version requires a redstone signal on the energy source pipe and only works with RF capable blocks

Data Cable

The data cable provides a way to transfer data between machines without requiring the data chip.

The Data cable will pull 1 data/tick from a data source. Data will only be pulled if the pipe is powered by redstone

In addition, when pulling from the Satellite terminal will automatically pull directly from the satellite.

Liquid Pipe

The liquid pipe can transmit liquid from a tank to any other tank at a 100 milibuckets/tick. Like the other two pipes, the source pipe must be powered to pull liquid.

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Hardness: 3
Blast Resistance: 0
Requires Tool: Yes
Full Block: No
Sealable: No
Tile Entity: Yes
Teir 1

Power Transfer: 1000/t