Advanced Rocketry Documentation

Welcome to the documentation page for Advanced Rocketry!  Now in Beta and releasing on ti... Who am I kidding, it'll be stable soon(TM)

Advanced Rocketry is a Minecraft mod designed to add random or player specified planets to the game.  These planets each have unique properties such as Atmosphere Density, Distance from the sun, Atmosphere composition, Average Temperature, and size.  Players can build rockets out of blocks to travel to these other worlds.

What's New?

  • 'Secret' hidden in-testing terrain generation option added to Advanced Planet config. As if nether terrain gen didn't lag bad enough
  • Misc bugfixes
  • More stuff I don't remember because it has been too long since I updated this page
1.3.x 1.2.x
  • Oxygen vent has tracers so you can see where leaks occur
  • So many bugfixes that I really need a nap
  • There was that Halloween event that went horribly wrong... RIP 31/10/2017
  • Fix satellites not working on moons
  • Structure tower recipe now makes 8
  • [1.10.2/1.11.2]fix bounding box on cables
  • [LibVulpes] Fixed machines dissassembling again
  • [LibVulpes] Fix IC2 handling unloading at the wrong time
  • [1.11.2] Fix crashing with creative menu in the advanced rocketry tab
  • Fix incorrect handling of recipes with multiple outputs in machines
  • Fix rocket unloaders not working
  • Number of machine blocks per recipe 4 => 16
  • Removed circuit from IO board recipes in the prescision assembler so the recipes are actually useful
  • Dropped tanks now retain fluid
  • JEI now moves out of the way
  • AR will now respect the initial spawn dimension setting in JED
  • Fixed bug where having only one of each item in the station builder caused it to eat the items and not do anything
  • Fix issue where docking pad does not show up in rocket UI if it is unnamed and the server has not restarted after placement
  • Fixed placeholder in satellite builder UI
  • Fixed moons not showing up in list in planet selection UIs
  • Clicking planets to zoom in no longer resets selection to earth
  • Fix lathe integration
  • [1.7.10 Libvulpes] Creative battery backported
  • [Libvulpes] added UI bounds getter
  • Satellites chassis must be crafted before building in a satellite builder
  • Satellites can be retrieved from orbit by placing a satellite chip into a guidance computer on a rocket with an empty satellite bay
  • Possible crash with Terraformer fixed
  • cleaned up space elevator behavior a bit
  • added time multipler option for asteroids
  • added config option for extinguished torches to drop extinguished torches rather than vanilla torches
  • Gas mining ships will now function even with low view distance
  • [1.11.2/1.10.2]Fix impossible amount of energy required for space elevators
  • [1.11.2] Pipes visually connect
  • [1.11.2] Fix Observatory not being able to program chips
  • [1.11.2] Fix Beds not being usable on planets
  • [1.11.2] Fix Orbital laser causing crash on rightclick
  • [1.11.2] Fix clientside only calls upon orbit being reached causing crashes in some instances
  • [1.7.10] Fix missing motor names in en_US
  • Advanced Rocketry now looks for the planet config as "/advRocketry/planetDefs.xml" before checking the config folder. This allows for each save to have its own config
  • Revamed O2 handling in spacesuits. Spacesuit chestplates now have dedicated O2 slots for tanks and internal "invisible storage was removed"
  • Add ability to rotate station around Y axis (note: some stuttering still occurs when changing rotation speed
  • Add configurable artifacts required for planet travel
  • When a station id chip is in a rocket's guidance computer, the "select dst" will now bring a screen up to allow players to select the landing pad on a station they wish to go to
  • landing pads can now be named
  • Fix text being over top of planets with rings
  • Added space elevator
  • Fix observetory trying to extract x data for every bus rather than just x over all busses
  • Gas can be specified on gas giants by the XML config
  • added beacon finding goggles
  • adding a warp core to a rocket allows interplanetary travel within same system
  • added config for station size
  • Added list to choose from in the planet selector UI
  • [1.7.10] fix space suits being dyed when they shouldn't have been
  • fix moon being missing with default setup
  • fixes from 1.0.17
  • Fix some of the coils not speeding up of the arc furnace properly
  • Fix crash when starting world with gravity generator disabled
  • Stable build features from 1.0.14
  • If using the custom planet XML earth must now be dimmapped to planet ID 0
  • Fixed not being able to put data into the Observatory
  • /advRocketry reloadRecipes command added to reload recipes from XML ingame
  • [ Libvulpes ]All machine recipes are now written to XML if the XML does not yet exist
  • New asteroid selection mechanic, asteroid chips now programming in observetory
  • More motors have been added
  • More advanced motors increase multiblock machine speed
  • Observatory now requires a motor
  • Observatory can have glass exchanged for lens which increase view distance
  • Space suits can now be dyed
  • Blast furnace/crystallizer/electrolyser/rolling machine speed can be increased with higher teir coils
  • rocket input and output hatches now have states for redstone IO and can now have operation suspended with redstone signals
  • Fix rocket loaders and unloader having swapped textures
  • Added forcefields
  • Added a gravity generator
  • [ libvulpes ] Motors moved to libvulpes
  • [ libvulpes ] More coils
  • Update Terraformer UI
  • Rocket assembling machine now displays build complete on a successful build
  • Station assembling machines no longer consumes items when structure is invalid and build is pressed
  • [1.10.2/1.11.2]FluidStacks display in JEI
  • Fix jetpack overriding flight from items from other mods if both are worn at the same time
  • Fix handling for GC gravity if GC moon is not registered to AR
  • Add seperate sound for lathe
  • Jackhammer can now break blocks properly
  • pressure tanks can no longer stack
  • Yet another attempt to prevent machines from stopping when placed across chunk boundries
  • Fix error with breaking a single pipe breaking the entire network
  • modified hatch recipes
  • [1.10.2] [Libvulpes] fix machines unloading if straddling chunks
  • [1.7.10] Fix NEI handling for fluids
  • [1.7.10] fix stations not being able to be built
  • fix rocket engines in the automated vehicle assembler facing the wrong way when built along N/S
  • Add config for terraformer fluid consumption rate
  • Fix planets becoming gas giants if they have a planet ID higher than 255
  • Force stations orbit nonexistant planets to move to overworld upon startup
  • Fix rocket thrust configuration not affecting rocket acceleration
  • Fix CME with pressurized tanks
  • [1.7.10] pressurized tanks actually can recieve fluid from AR pipes apparently BC and several other mods do not actually run canFill checks
  • Fix issue with O2 system where metachanges outside the sealed area can cause nearby areas to unseal
  • [libvulpes] Massive speed increases for the atmosphere calculation algorithm
  • Fix rocket duplication... again
  • Added config options for geode generation
  • Fix planets with moons always using the first star as its host
  • Fix temperature not being set right on planets loaded from XML
  • Add XML for small plate presser
  • Fix ore scanner not being able to scan for diamonds or emeralds
  • Ore scanner displays player location
  • Planet icons can now be set via the customIcon tag
  • Fix dupe bug with missions
  • Fix crash with gas mining missions
  • [1.10.2][ Libvulpes ] Fix Creative battery not outputting to neighboring tiles
  • [1.7.10] Fix crash when trying to assemble on a pad with nothing there
  • I've actually now forgotten what else has been fixed.. sorry
  • Added the givestation command
  • Add missing recipe for the railgun
  • Fix crash if a chip programmed with the id of an oremapping satellite is placed in the satellite monitoring station
  • Fix Class not found exception on server when using the orbital laser drill
  • Fix CME with rocket/mining drill return
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fix researching distance consuming mass data in the ABDP
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fix lightwood leaves dropping oak saplings instead of lightwood saplings
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fix quartz cruicible not showing up in creative menu
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fix render offset for the prescision assembler
  • Update Ff_FR (Thanks Thysium!)
  • Rather than crashing, air blocks that are rejected now just print warnings and are "rescheduled" with threaded atmosphere calculation
  • Fix jetpack being broken in the 1.0.12 build
  • Fix client crash with lathe and rolling machine when used with AE
  • Fix incorrect O2 readout on spacestations
  • Fixed holo-projector menu overshooting its render
  • Fix changing of distance block not updating the O2 system in certain conditions
  • Fix render corruption when the Atmosphere analyser is not the first upgrade in the helmet
  • Gas giants can now be deleted
  • Fix compat recipes where the lathe would only output 1 rod instead of 2
  • Fix iron ingots -> iron rod recipe in the crafting table yeilding only 1 rod instead of 4
  • Hostile mobs now spawn on planets
  • Fix XML config not working due to a bug introduced in 1.0.11
  • Added config to change the force of thrust of the jetpack
  • Added config to disable the landing boots upgrade on normal and higher gravity planets
  • Logs actually print
  • Fix Ore properties specified in the planet XML not working in singleplayer
  • Fix Rocket load dupe bug
  • Fix NPE in the orbital laser when trying to save NBT state when set to spiral mode
  • XML recipes can now properly load oredict entries in the output tag
  • XML recipes will now override the default recipes if the input and outputs match
  • [1.10.2] Fix crash with underwater utilities
  • [1.10.2] fix possible render crash with leaves and grass on rockets
  • [LibVulpes] Fix free item bug with machine deconstruction and holograms
  • [LibVulpes] Fix crash when using multiple small plate pressers next to each other in the same tick
  • Fix ABDP not actually using data
  • Add config for solar generator power output
  • Fix crash with orbital laser where the config to allow it to mine the planet is set to false
  • Possible fix for crash causing a CME to occur if using experimental atmosphere settings
  • Fixed iron ingot -> rod recipe in the lathe returning only 1 rod
  • Fix missing isRemote check in the loader, causing client/server desync with the number of items in the loader
  • fixed skycolor and fog color not properly taking hex
  • O2 bar and suit HUD can now be dragged with middle click if lockUI=false in config
  • Spacesuits can now let you breathe underwater
  • Fix CME with cables
  • Added config for O2 vent radius
  • [1.10.2] Fixed stack overflow exception with pressurized tanks
  • [1.10.2] Fix GUI for ore scanner
  • [1.10.2] Fixed bad logic making it impossible to respawn on planets
  • [1.10.2] Fixed active texture on block not showing sometimes
  • [1.10.2] [LibVulpes] Fix solar panels shoving energy into adjacent solar panels
  • [1.10.2] Fix crash when installed with perfect spawn
  • [LibVulpes/Advanced rocketry] Fixed solar panels working if placed under solar panels
  • [LibVulpes] Fix fluid hatches and pressurized fluid tanks from eating buckets if you try to fill it with a different fluid than the one it contains
  • Add time multiplier config for asteriod mining missions
  • Fix possible threading issue causing a CME on connecting
  • Seperated configs for ore spawn for geodes and asteroids
  • Fix possible crash when generating geode if an item without a block is specified in the config
  • Fix issue with atmosphere system where non-full blocks become deoxygenated when placed
  • Possible fix for crashes with experimental atmosphere options
  • Changed Unmanned Vehicle Assembler bounds to 16
  • Fix armor stands consuming Oxygen (Avoid bothering the Doctor)
  • Fix Observetory recipe not using oredict
  • Fix issue where station components that face opposite directions on the ground get turned 90 degrees
  • Fix possible render crash with orbital laser as seen from planet surface
  • Fix issue when mapping planets via the config AR would try to register a dimension belonging to another mod depending on load order
  • Added the Gas Giant tag to the planet config
  • [1.7.10] Fix possible crash when generating a planet with only one biome
  • [ Libvulpes ] Fix double ticking of multiblock machines
  • [ LibVulpes ] Remove attempted energy transfers on client
  • [ LibVulpes ] Fix machines pulling from the top slot in the fluid hatches
  • [ LibVulpes/Advanced Rocketry ] Fix possible load issues involving locale
  • Increased output of concrete recipe
  • Fix landing pads not working properly if not placed by player or sent up in a station package thing
  • Added redstone state to oxygen vent
  • Fix steel recipe. Should use charcoal, not coal
  • Fix sawmill damage being linked to time of day
  • [1.10.2] Fix rocket monitoring station not obeying redstone signals
  • Fix Data not being pulled from satellite monitoring station under certain conditions
  • Fixed missing color cleanup in lathe renderer
  • Fixed rocket behavior when falling back to a planet upon not landing on a space station
  • Fixes Stack Overflow error caused by placing two airlock doors next to each other and attempting to seal a room
  • Fix Astrobody data processor requiring the switch flipped if it runs out of data.
  • Fix duplication of lightwood saplings with bonemeal
  • Added missing recipes for rods
  • Space Station chips now store location on a per planet basis now. This may break return coordinates for existing rockets
  • Fixed solar generators not pushing RF like they should
  • Planet ID chips no longer store data
  • Rocket now shows destination planet/station ID onscreen before takeoff
  • Fixed lack of destination dimension syncing, fixes seeminly random "Cannot Reach destination" errors
  • Riding a rocket with a new space station to the same new station no longer acts funny
  • Recipes made cheaper
    • 3 ingots -> 4 rods in crafting table
    • 1 block -> 4 plates in small plate presser
    • recipe for batteries now makes 4
    • recipe for machine structure now takes 4 plate and 4 rods
    • recipe for machine structure now makes 4
  • [ LibVulpes ] Fixed coal generators not pushing RF like it should
  • [1.7.10] Fix no rotation occuring with orientation controller if no warp controller placed.
  • Fix Aluminum ore not generating
  • Allow the entity bypass to use entity class names
  • Update Russian translation ( Thank you m3gagluk)
  • Add Ukrainian translation (Thank you wlich!)
  • Fix issue where the plate presser will not properly reconise the block if it's not the first register for that oreDict entry
  • Fix rare NPEs with multiblock machine where sometimes it tries to render a null item
  • Fix fuelling stations eating all the buckets
  • Fix possible crash with Dynamic Surround
  • Potential fix for rare crash from pipes
  • Rename "Laser Drill" to "Orbital Laser Drill" and fix name inconsistancies
  • Fix exploit where sitting in a seat not mounted on a rocket allows players to pick up distant items
  • [ LibVulpes ] Fixed crash caused by putting an AR tank into an empty fluid hatch
  • [ LibVulpes ] Fix error in recipe XML template
  • [ LibVulpes ] RF can now be extracted from the IC2 plug
  • [1.10.2][ LibVulpes ] Fix Compatibility with energy from other ForgeEnergy supporting mods
  • [1.10.2][ LibVulpes ]Fix IC2 Energy handler attempting to register on client
  • [1.10.2][ LibVulpes ]Fix crash trying to get rotation
  • [1.10.2][ LibVulpes ]Fix bug where IC2 plug does not actually drain power from IC2 sources
  • [1.10.2] Fix death when dismounting from seat in very specific configurations
  • [1.7.10] Fix missing recipe for carbon scrubber
  • Fix off by one with rocket assembler
  • [1.10.2] [Libvulpes] Fix recipe loading
  • [1.7.10] [Libvulpes] Fix imcompatibility with ICBM
  • [1.7.10] Fix rocket not being able to launch
  • Requires Libvulpes 1.10
  • Added Basic Laser gun (beta item, uncraftable)
  • [libvulpes] Fix XML recipe registration allowing recipes with no outputs
  • Fixed not being able to travel to planets with ids higher than 256 due to forgetting to remove legacy code
  • Fixed some Achievments not working
  • [1.7.10] Fixed XML recipe handler not being able to read unlocalized item names
  • [1.10.2] [libvulpes] Re-added IC2 plugs
  • [1.10.2] [libvulpes] Fixed linker not working with spongeForge
  • [1.10.2] Fixed Crash when right clicking extinguished torch
  • [1.10.2] [libvulpes] Implemented Tesla API support for energy
  • [1.10.2] [libvulpes] Fixed bug causing metal blocks and coils built into machines to throw an exception upon harvesting
  • Added list of entities that ignore atmosphere effects
  • Fixed crash caused by trying to fly a rocket with an unprogrammed chip
  • [1.10.2] Fixed rockets being offset by one
  • Added command to generate moons
  • Added comments to default XML recipe file
  • Added config to reset planet config in the AR config
  • Fix crash on startup caused by oredict items without blocks attempting to be used by the holo projector as blocks
  • Make ores generate again
  • Fix bug causing planet IDs higher than 256 overwriting the overworld's properties
  • [1.10.2] Fixes unmanned vehicle assembler off by 1 error
  • [1.7.10] Fix Data cable being overridden by energy cable
  • Requires LibVulpes 0.1.7
  • Fixed O2 sealing crash with blocks with null BBs
  • Added missing dust -> ingot recipes
  • small plate presser ore -> dust recipe doubled
  • other small fixes
  • [1.7.10] Fix crash with orbital laser
  • [1.7.10] Fixed crash with holo-projector
  • [1.7.10] Fixed crash on join on multiplayer
  • Added XML config for ore generation on different planet types
  • Added config to add more harvestable fluids in gas giants
  • Added tags to the Advanced Planet generation XML to allow manually specifying DIMID and mapping dims from other mods as planets (including GC planets)
  • Satellites can now be accessed from space stations orbiting the same planet as the satellite
  • Sky colors now differ on newly generated planets
  • Planets may now rotate along their own axis
  • Added four stars to generate by default
  • Sealing and oxygenating a room on planets with heavy atmospheres now removes the fog indoors
  • Artifical atmospheres now show up as "pressurizedAir"
  • Fixed a few small desyncs with the warp controller
  • Beds no longer explode on other planets
  • Added Railgun
  • Added XML Recipe modification support
  • Fixed memory leak that can occur while logging in a out frequently
  • Added planet orbital mechanics
  • Added solar eclipses
  • Nerfed Max returns of an asteriod mining mission from 20k+ stacks to 100 stacks of ore
  • Added the /advRocketry filldata command
  • Added capability for multiple star systems and commands for manipulating stars
  • Putting a station id chip in a guidance computer while launching a station no longer sticks the rocket inside the station
  • Requires LibVulpes 0.1.6
  • Holo Projector now displays amounts and types of blocks needed to build a structure
  • Rockets now display errors when ridden and unable to launch
  • Rockets can only travel within planet moon systems now, use warp to go to other planets
  • Added config to make orbital laser not destroy the world, laser no longer mines world by default
  • Added config to set valid oredict entries for ores when laser is in non-destructive mode
  • Orbital laser is now a multiblock structure
  • Fixed off-by-one error causing suffocation near walls in sealed rooms
  • Fixed suffocation while standing near IC2 or enderIO pipes in a sealed room
  • Fixed Space Station Modules being placed facing backward
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fix inventory checks being ignored globally
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fix packet leak when in single player
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fixed issue where the holo projector would sometimes not show the structure due to Player entity not being in the entity list
  • [MC 1.10.2] Orbital laser no longer crashed the game when breaking the block
  • [MC 1.10.2] Orbital laser actually functions now
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fixes certain configurations with the seat causing player to spawn under bedrock on dismount
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fixed duplicate packet execution.
  • [MC 1.7.10] Fix incorrect Geode generation
  • Requires LibVulpes 0.1.5
  • Added Altitude Controller (allows modification of Altitude of space stations, simply by placing in a station and opening the interface)
  • Fix bug with Blast Furnace where in rare circumtances can have the machine form on the server but not the client
  • Hopefully fix a bug where the holo projector causes a crash
  • Requires LibVulpes 0.1.4
  • [Mc 1.10.2] AR blocks will now properly take power from other mod's blocks
  • Redstone states for rocket infrastructure
  • Geodes now spawn the same ore as can be collected by asteriod missions (which in turn is configurble)
  • Added Achievments
  • Added Fluid Pipes
  • [MC 1.7.10] Added energy pipes and generators
  • [MC 1.7.10] Game will no longer crash without an RF mod
  • Generators now display amount of power being produced
  • Station Builder can now assemble station modules, which can be sent up to attach to existing stations
  • Fixed issue where invalid blocks for titanium aluminide show up in NEI (and possibly JEI)
  • Hopefully fix bug where rocket vanishes on client when going to space stations
  • Fix NPE with holo projector
  • [Mc 1.10.2] Fix crash when placing data cables next to energy cables
  • Fixed nasty bug where some space stations over ID 3 return the wrong id from block coords
  • Fixed Ore Scanner Being uncraftable
  • Fixed not being able to warp to moons from same planet
  • Fixed incorrect usage of fuel when clicking warp while already in warp
  • Fixed generating a world with a bonus chest causing a crash
  • Added BlackList for SpaceLaser
  • Fixed untextured blocks for space laser
  • Increased the default amount of power generated by the microwave reciever by x10
  • [MC 1.7.10] Thermos support courtesy of RecursiveG
  • Config for laser drill power multiplier
  • Small bugfixes
  • Added config option for blacklisting biomes to prevent them from spawning on planets
  • Added config option to prevent any vanilla biomes from spawning on planets
  • Added config option to register high pressure biomes
  • Added config option to register biomes that span entire worlds
  • [MC 1.7.10] Powersuits now also protect from the vacuum of space
  • Upon Death player should spawn in overworld, preventing infinite death loops
  • [MC 1.7.10] Fixed bug causing the first space station to be built being assigned an invalid number
  • Fix warp controller causing crash if placed in world
  • [MC 1.10.2] Fixed glow affect for space suit HUD not working
  • Added Decorative light
  • Fixed rare bug where client would crash when going between worlds
  • Optimized Rocket renders with GLLists
  • Data pipes can now pull data from Satellite Terminal with requiring the connect button to be pressed, now allows fully automated Data harvesting
  • Added more stars
  • Fixed Sun being out in the rain
  • [MC 1.10.2] Added Solar Generators
  • [MC 1.10.2] Added Energy cables and implementing Forges Energy system to replace the... lack of energy systems in 1.10
  • [MC 1.10.2] Added Coal generators (takes anything that'll burn in a furnace
  • Backward Compatibility: Create Gas Giants in worlds made in previous versions of AR
  • Fix Dilithium not generating on galacticraft's moon
  • Fix crash caused by unregistering gas giant dimensions
  • Reduced the amount of smoke in large rockets
  • Added config to increase output of MicrowaveRecievers
  • Fixed crash involving blocks that do not properly return an itemstack in the rocket GUI
  • Added Gas Giants and Gas Giant Mining
  • Added Unmanned Vehicle Assembler
  • Added Terraformer
  • Added Anti-Fog visor
  • Added Titanium Aluminide
  • Added recipe for bonemeal in the chemical reactor
  • Added Nitrogen
  • Added Buckets for Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen
  • Added Atmosphere Analyser
  • Added sounds
  • Mobs now take damage from the vacuum
  • Added Biome Changer Satellite and Biome Changer Satellite Remote
  • Increased planet variety
  • Infrastructure can now be linked to Docking Pads which will in turn link to any rocket that lands on the Docking Pad
  • New algorithm for warp fuel calculations
  • Redid Fog effect for planets (again)
  • Rocket fluid loader and fluid unloader
  • Rockets can now be automated to fly between destinations using Docking Pads
  • Docking Pads now accept linkers as an item
  • Holo-Projector now will align the hologram to a machine when used to rightclick a machine control block
  • Fixed warp effect not working in multiplayer sometimes
  • Fixed solar satellites not being created properly
  • Fixed graphics on pipes/Microwave Reciever not being shaded
  • Fixed the delete satellite button not updating the itemstack on the server
  • Fixed laser drill missing texture
  • Now Requires LibVulpes 0.1.2
  • Implemented Modular space suits
  • Added Jetpack
  • Added Bionic Legs
  • Moved multiblock blocks/items to a new item group in creative
  • Added Aluminum
  • Added pressure tanks
  • Oxygen Charger renamed to Gas Charger
  • Gas Charger now can fill hydrogen tanks in spacesuits
  • Massive Refactor of code! May require liquid/data/satellites hatches to be replaced!
  • Fixed Rockets being stuck in the air on space stations
  • Fixed O2 detectors having the wrong name
  • Fixed low gravity being missing in space
  • Added Laser Drill
  • Added Microwave Reciever
  • Overhauled textures for planets as viewed from space stations
  • Fixed warp not working half the time in single player
  • Fixed planet information not being displayed in the planet selector interface
  • Actual documentation for some of the mod on this site
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